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Princess Pet is a pet breeder unlike any other you will ever meet. The owner is a woman who is utterly determined that her babies—that’s what she calls the dogs that she breeds—live a full and happy life of unsurpassed luxury, cosseting and above all love. This is not a breeder where you show up, pick your pooch and leave. Oh no, you will be interviewed, you will have to explain how you and your new puppy (if she lets you have one), are going to live together. If she doesn’t think you are going to give your puppy the life that she expects for it, guess what? No puppy! ​

Princess Pet specializes in the breeding of Pure Breed and Designer Mix Breed Solid and Parti color Teacup and Toy puppies. These have got to be the cutest dogs you have ever seen. They come in a variety of colors, though traditionally you expect them to be white. ​

They are bred in her home. Their parents are not random, they are selected. While a dog is in pup it is monitored closely and given the best of care. When it’s time for the puppies, there is a mid-wife there to monitor the birth. No expense is spared, and every care is taken. Princess Pet is dog breeding as it should be done. ​

The owner deplores the existence of puppy mills and the irresponsible breeding of dogs. She longs for the day when a law is enacted to put an end to the suffering of dogs raised in this way. If you buy a pet from Princess Pet you will have to pay for the extra care that is taken, but isn’t that the least you can do to ensure that the mill pet breeders are put out of business?

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